How-to create subscriptions manually

Introduction #

In this short how-to we will illustrate how you can create subscriptions manually.

In normal circumstances, subscriptions will be created automatically when your users subscribe to one of your plans, but there are cases that you have to this manually.

We assume that you have an existing SaaSBuilder project with an active pricing setup. If this is not the case, please follow the tutorial “How-to create a pricing table with plans” first.

Create a subscription #

In order to start, you have to open your project in SaaSBuilder and select in the menu “Sales > Subscriptions”. Press the “New” button on the top-right of the subscriptions page.

You will then see the subscription details page. The screenshot below is an example of such a screen (already filled in):

Image shows a completed subscription details page.

Customer #

A customer is basically a contact. Inside SaaSBuilder you have a contact database: contacts can be entered manually or they come in automatically via your funnel logic (example: somebody subscribes via your marketing website).

Plan & pricing #

Here you can select any of your existing plans. If your plan support multiple currencies or billing cycles, you will have to select the correct ones for this subscription.

Trial period #

If you allow a trial period, then you should specify the trial duration.

Summary #

This how-to explained how you can create a subscription manually in SaaSBuilder.

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