What is SaaSBuilder?

SaaSBuilder is a toolset that helps companies with the development & growth of their SaaS platforms (or more general Apps).

What is SaaS? According to Wikipedia: "Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted."

Who is SaaSBuilder for?

SaaSBuilder has 2 main target audiences:
1) Startups who need to develop a SaaS platform or App
2) Enterprises that want to convert (part of) their business to a SaaS model


Faster time to market

The first objective of SaaSBuilder is to decrease the time to market to create new SaaS platforms. There is always custom work, but we believe that:
1) Certain building blocks (see more info below) can be re-used among projects.
2) Another part of the work (development & setup) can be automated.
This results in both a faster time to market and a reduced development cost.

Reduce the number of external tools

When you create a SaaS platform from scratch you need to setup & integrate different tools. This means you need to subscribe to different other products before you even can sell your first subscription to others.
You will need tools & services for:
- Subscription configuration
- Payments
- Communication: email & messaging
- Reporting & metrics
We want to reduce these required tools and bring them together in 1 toolset.

A new kind of tool

Building a SaaS platform or an app is more complex than building a website. You don’t have tools like WordPress or Wix that allow you to create and maintain your apps. Not 100% true… there exist some tools, but they all have their limitations. With SaaS builder, we want to create a new kind of tool that makes it easier to bring SaaS alive.

Best practices

Creating a successful SaaS platform requires a lot of knowledge and a diverse skillset. We integrated the best practices under 1 roof to get you up & running as soon as possible with your SaaS project


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Many SaaS projects just work in 1 language. When your target market is big enough in that market than that’s fine. But imagine you could easily deploy your solution to other regions in other languages. With SaaS builder, your solution is always multi-region & multi-language ready. You just need to make the necessary translations and then publish it for the desired languages/regions.


With SaaS Builder, you can manage all your pricing plans & subscriptions from within the tool. Actual payments are performed via the Stripe platform.


Developing a marketing website and 1 or more apps is just a part of creating a SaaS platform. You will also need to set up automated communications that react to certain events inside your platform.

A new account was created => send a welcome message
Customer is inactive for 30 days => send a reminder email
Birthday of a customer => send a birthday coupon code

You could use external tools such as Mailchimp, but then you will need to integrate your platform with Mailchimp via their API. You will need to synchronize all email addresses of your customers & contacts and you need to notify Mailchimp (programmatically) about certain events.

With SaaSBuilder you don’t need external tools, this automation is at the heart of your platform. You can use preset events (new account, new subscriber, ...) or you can define your own events specific to your domain (new reservation, customer inactive for 30 days).


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SaaS builder has different kinds of builders that allow us to quickly build all kinds of artifacts needed in a SaaS solution:

List builder

Lists are a vital part of any software application. They are used as dropdowns in forms or as menu options. You can manage all your lists from a central location and lists can also be localized for any language or region.

Content builder

Build all the static content of your app with the content builder. Content is typically used in all the messaging (emails that are sent out) or in static parts of your apps. Content can also be translated, so that your end-users always see the version they can understand.

Model builder

Every SaaS platform is about some kind of problem space that is really specific to the project. For example: Airbnb is about rentals, Uber is about transport. When you need to create an app you (or the developers in charge) will need to implement all the different object types that are important for your problem space.
- Airbnb: rental property, tenant, property owner, listing
- Uber: car, driver, customer
On top of this, when you need to build different apps (Web, iOS, Android) then this work needs to be done in different programming languages. So, it’s a lot of work that needs to be done with a corresponding price tag. In order to reduce the work and cost, we created a model builder that allows us to easily model the problem space. When developing the screens and components of your apps we can use this model to speed up the work.

Form builder

There exists no SaaS platform that has not at least 1 form. Forms are essential to any application and they’re made up of different types of input fields. With the form builder, we can design & build the forms of your applications much faster compared to a developer doing this manually.